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“11:11, make a wish!” It’s a phrase we may have heard before, but just what is the significance behind it? What does 11:11 mean when we catch it on our phone or on a digital clock?

Besides being a number that’s associated with dreams and wishes coming true, 11:11 is the only time of the day (using the 12 hour clock) that all four digits on the clock are the same. But it seems that some people are able to catch this magical time more frequently than others.


According to Numerology the number 11 is the link between the mortal and the immortal; which explains the idea that when the clock strikes 11:11, a window to heaven opens up to grant wishes. Others connect 11:11 to simply a gateway or a synchronistic portal of any symbolic type.

Is 11:11 a mere coincidence or is there something bigger happening here?

Using logic and science behind this phenomenon of people repeatedly seeing the same number, we end up with three reasons — chance, predisposition, and acceleration. Using illogic, we end up with another reason — synchronicity.

Chance just means you happened to see the number. You pull out your phone and you see that the time is 12:12 or you have 22 percent power left or you have exactly 3 hours and 33 minutes until your destination.

Predisposition means you’re attracting certain numbers, therefore, you see them more.

Acceleration means that, after seeing a number repeatedly and you start wondering about it, you’ll soon begin seeing that number more often.

Synchronicity indicates a deep flow of connection between seemingly different people, places, things, and/or phenomenon that somehow surfaces as a number or number series.

Now that we have an understanding of these four factors, we can begin to go deeper into strange digital occurences.


Numbers are all around us, on our receipts, at your favorite store, in the car, on your phone, social media and a ton of other things. Unless you have bad blood with a certain number, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter every one, two, three or four digit number possible. Nevertheless, certain numbers stick out, such as 11:11 or 1:11 or 2:22 or something similar.


For whatever reason, you have a favorite number. You soon begin to see how that number plays out with other things in your life. Your favorite football player wears the number 81, it’s the first two digits of your student id, or the last two digits of your cellphone number. You are now predisposed to recognize this number whenever you see it.


As you begin to see any specific number more and more, you soon start asking yourself if there’s something special about this number, I mean, why else would you be seeing it so much. This is when the acceleration is triggered.

Our minds are always searching for answers to mysteries and your subconscious will go into overdrive attempting to decipher this information.


The repeated appearance of 11:11 on your phone or digital clock could mean you are in the holy flow of synchronicity. Lots of great things happening all simultaneously — like surfing a great series of moments of life. Remember, our digital system of time keeping and of counting time itself, is linear: it doesn’t allow for the non-linear, irrational element of life to come in; however, numbers like 11:11, 4:44, 12:34, or 1:23 do allow the recognition of hidden connections between seemingly different aspects of life that if listened to may guide us to even greater synchronicity or even hyper-synchronicity — an essential part of the magic of life.

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” — Carl Jung, psychiatrist, psychologist, author (1875 – 1961)

Let us know in the comments whether you believe that numbers hold power.





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  1. Jane says:

    Numbers don’t hold power, they are power. If they weren’t, your computer wouldn’t work to write this article or post it online. That is just one example of an infinite number of examples. For every thing that exists, a number pattern created it. If numbers didn’t “hold” power, we could remove every numerical principle and foundation in society and it would stay the same. But if we did that chaos would ensue. Einstein believed in synchronicity in the time and space dimension as well. Numbers don’t hold power. They are power. When a certain pattern appears, that particular pattern does hold meaning, to that individual. 3:15 to you means something today, to me it means something completely different. But we both need 3:15 in our day to exist, even if we don’t notice it when it happens. We couldn’t experience 3:14 and then 3:16, it would throw the entire planet off balance by a measure of one minute in the time space dimension and that would wreak chaos. I like your definitions of acceleration and predisposition here. When it comes to 11:11 I think it means something different to everyone, and it’s up to the individual to figure that out. Theoretically speaking we could condition ourselves to notice that number pattern more, but that does not mean that when we see it, it is only because we are predisposed to it, or have accelerated our subconscious to that number pattern. I know this because I have seen this number pattern of 11:11 even when I have actively tried not to see it in my own experiments. Jung is a personal favorite of mine and he’s right, it is a reality. What is out there in the space and time dimension that is causing it, sometimes we may never know, or not know for some time. When it happens, it may not have a scientific presence that we can see and touch with our fingers but that doesn’t negate its presence as a reality, because somewhere out there the event is happening to someone else in their reality as well. Not witnessing that doesn’t negate its existence. I have no idea what you will be doing at 3:15 and have no evidence of that, but that doesn’t mean your moment in time at 3:15 won’t exist. Scientists like Einstein and Jung spent their entire lives trying to figure it out, and some still are today, that’s just how complex our consciousness is, and our collective unconscious is as well. Very balanced article and I enjoyed reading it, thank you!

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