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isaac-newton-300x300In 1936, a huge collection of documents was put up for auction; these papers had never been seen by the public. Many were written in secret code and for six years the buyer struggled to decipher them. He hoped they would reveal the private thoughts of the man who invented a new branch of math called calculus, figured out the composition of light, and gave us the laws of gravity and motion.

The man who is considered the founder of modern science, Sir Isaac Newton. But what was found shattered the image of Isaac Newton, for in these documents was discovered an Isaac Newton unknown to the rest of the world. A man obsessed with religion and devoted to the Occult. The modern interpretation of Newton is about as far as it could be from what Newton actually thought. The project now is to see Newton for who he actually was rather then to see him the way we want to see him. We now reveal the dark secrets of Sir Isaac Newton.

In a museum in Jerusalem, a manuscript written about three hundred years ago, and only a handful of scholars have ever examined it, is revealed. In it is Newton’s calculation of the date that the bible said the world would end after Armageddon. The year was 2060! If this calculation was correct we are fairly close to that time. But why was Isaac Newton making these calculations and who was the real Isaac Newton?

As a young boy he was amazed by a book called the “Mysteries of Nature and Art”, a book about building mechanical contraptions and investigating the natural world. He was preoccupied by building windmills and miniature boats, he flew kites and tied candles to them and almost frightened the community. When he went to Cambridge University he buried himself in his studies. He was a very silent and thought provoking young man; there was no evidence that anyone liked him at all besides a man name John Wilkins. They soon became roommates for the next twenty years. At the time the idea was accepted that the planets revolved around the sun, but how did they do so? He soon discovered gravity and with this discovery he also discovered calculus, a way to calculate time of moving objects over any amount of time. He also proved that white light was a combination of all the colors of the spectrum. At the young aged of twenty-five he discovered all these things but kept them to himself. But soon his discovery of light would bring on a revolution in science. By using a mirror instead of just glass he also developed the modern telescope that we now use today.

In his secret writings it was also discovered that at the same time he started his career at Cambridge he bought two furnaces and an assortment of chemicals and a strange set of books. Isaac Newton had become an alchemist. By carrying out lengthy and complex chemical procedures, alchemists tried to produce a magical substance called the philosophers stone. It was so potent that even a small quantity was said to perform miracles, healing, immortality and transforming normal metals like lead in to pure gold. Newton isolated himself with alchemy even though it was outlawed for fear that people would defraud currency with fake gold. Newton believed that hidden in Greek myths was knowledge of the world that had been forgot. Like all alchemist Newton concealed his ingredients in bizarre terminology. Newton’s alchemy might have been a way for him to experiment and test elements of the natural world turning one element in to another.

As a fellow at Trinity College he was required to become a minister at the Church of England, but this was something that he strongly opposed. The more ancient Christian texts he read the more he believed that Christ was the son of God, but not God’s equal. He wrote more about theology and alchemy than science and math combined. Just recently revealed his secret documents find that he wanted to prove that science and God were one in the same. That God was absolutely present and absolutely powerful. Take some time and learn about the secrets of Isaac Newton’s life that modern history does not teach us.




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